1. Many M&O Training workshops which help strengthen the instructors get more techniques on how to teach blind daily skills.

2. Access to Technology seminars which help in finding more job opportunities.

3. Advanced Computer Training Courses: These allow the blind to get more knowledge and surfing easily through the Internet.

4. FAB was successfully forced the government to put on the floor a new law to secure the disabled persona and compel the private and public sectors to employ a number of blind in a suitable jobs according to their qualifications.

5. As a result of FAB great activity in both national and international levels. Mr. Allouzi has been elected as president of Asian Blind Union in 2008 for four years. This will help FAB getting more experience, and to exchange more experiences.

d oldest Associations, and has become one of the world’s largest well known non-profit associations committed to blind issues.

FAB main Office is located in Amman (the Capital), and has two provincial branches. It is managed by 7 volunteer board members and chaired by Mr. Ahmad Allouzi (President of Asian Blind Union) and honorary chaired by Prince Raa’d Bin Zeid. (President of the Higher Council for the Affairs of PWDs)

FAB is considered as a nationwide, community-based, non-profit, non-religion association committed to services, research, public education and vision health for all visually impaired people in Jordan.