The perspective of action for this sector based on 4 main strands:

• Preparation of people with visual impairments to work.

• Integration of people with visual impairments in regular vocational training structures, where conditions are met, both on the part of users and of training centers.

• Develop training courses for users who do not qualify for the integrated training.

• Extending the operations of the employment and training to other regions of the Kingdom.

• Training of new technology, Braille, mobility, communication, interpersonal and psychosocial skills.

• In a final stage students will have closer contact with the world of employment and helped to choose the path they intend to follow.

 In parallel, we will continue to develop training for assets with a wide range of coverage, including persons who at the time, are unemployed and provide training to trainees who underwent training.

— For the continuation of all this work, the Association shall endeavor to:

• provide the human resources and materials provided in training, enabling the implementation of actions and achieving the objectives set.

• Pay particular attention to addressing the problem of equipment used (especially hardware), which are quite outdated.

• Working with training centers, for adaptation of people with visual impairments.