1. FAB has the task of defending the rights and interests of visually impaired, with a view to their full social integration.

2. In furtherance of its mission FAB main goals is including:

a) Represent and defend the rights and interests of visually impaired people to any entities.

b) Undertake and support activities that promote the physical, mental and moral development of the visually impaired, and their education, habilitation and rehabilitation, vocational training, employment, culture, sport and occupation of leisure time.

c) Cooperate with all national, foreign and international that pursue similar objectives.

d) Propose and advocate the adoption of effective measures to eliminate the disadvantages of visual impairment concept.

3. The increased provision of services: The complexity and diversity of situations that now arise for people with visual impairments require specialized responses, integrated and localized.

4. In the area of public relations activities that shall include, in different ways and with different approaches to put FAB in direct contact with various public sectors, therefore, this will help spreading the image of the association for the dissemination of activities and community awareness. Accordingly FAB will:

a) Organize and support events.

b) Prepare and monitor the implementation of protocols with several institutions, to improve and increase the supply of services / benefits of the blind.

c) Monitor and respond to request for information that are placed (students, businesses, and families…etc